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We have to make this..

because people like to sue,

it protect us and it

Protects YOU

This Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy

can be revised or changed at anytime,

with or with out notice.

Last update: 04/18/16



All instances of; "WE", "US", "OUR", refers to

Customized Vapor LTD, Customized Vapor LLC,

BrandYourBody.com, ListOrSwap.com, OnlineCloudBuying.com and any other DBA's we may have and also can include any of
our partners or other sister sites our contractors, independant workers, etc.


First and foremost!

By Using, "operating" and/or Utilizing this site, BrandYourBody.com OR our app(s), our sister sites ListorSwap.com,

OnlineCloudBuying.com and our business';

Customized Vapor LLC, Customized Vapor LTD, AND anything else we own, operate, sell, make, display AND any of our partners.

You agree and accept to the following:

If you DO NOT AGREE, then immediately stop using any of our sites, apps, products or anything owned, operated by us or our partners.

Clear your browser history, cookies, cache and do not return until you agree to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy!

Please remember, if you're legally responsible for someone, anyone, including underage person(s) you're responsible for

their actions and take full responsibility for their actions and monitoring their activity.

We are not responsible for what you post.

The internet is Public, so is your profile and everything you do on anything we own or our partners.

Your IP address may be recorded and kept, this is to protect us and you!

We will make our best effort to make sure the information you provide to us remains safe!

Most of your sensative personal information will be kept safe on a device not connected to the internet, with the exception of;

Your Password, Username, anything public, you post, say, publically do, etc., this is NOT a complete list, please use discretion,

be responsible, if you have concerns or questions, Do Not hesitate to Contact Us, via our Contact Us Form.



Your Password, personal information provided to us, our partners, third parties or collected by visiting our site, app or anything we

own or operate could be stored, used for various reasons, including to pay you, contact you, offer you opportunities, etc., this is

NOT a complete list.

We cannot guarantee anything will be safe, secure or not be used for various purposes, again we will do our best but there are,

hackers, people that will try and sue or those that will abuse the system and this is the reality of the internet and

Our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

Please use discretion on what you devuldge, your activities, what you say and do.

All communication, data, personal information, or ANY information, ANY data, or anything else submitted to us or other persons on

our site or app can be used, intercepted and may not be protected, for example, but not limited to, 

if you give out your personal information, use a public computer, internet connection, hackers, there are many reasons but all of

of them is a warning from us that, like stated above Nothing can be absolutely safe.

Scams, Spam, Hacking, abusing anything of ours or our partners, will be blocked, blacklisted and prosecuted to the fullest extent

of the law.

DO NOT discriminate or violate any laws, federal, state or local.

If you violate any laws, our Terms and Coditions or Privacy Policty, discriminate against a person, threaten a person or anything

else we deem inappropriate, we will charge you a 1,000 fine in addition to any other fees, fines, losses, damges etc., and

will fully cooperate with the person(s) and/or authorities with any information!

If you do not fulfill anything you have agreed to, you will be charged 3X the cost of the request and or agreement and your account

will be flagged, one additional violation or any other violation and your account will be deleted along with your IP address blacklisted.

This is because we then have to refund all parties involved, wasted time, income, fees, damges etc.

A "violation" constitutes not fulfilling a deal, inappropriate actions of any kind, including hate speech!

Advertisers and person(s) who request any of our services; the ONLY refund we will issue is when we know the requested

person(s) has not fulfilled your request.

We will refund you, however, will NOT tolerate any charge backs, I.E. requesting a refund from your Credit Card Company,

PayPal, etc., doing so will result in us recovering all damages caused by doing this, as we have a policy to refund you in 15

days of your request, if not fulfilled. You cannot request a refund for an undesirable result, Example; Bad or Poor Review etc.

Please report anything you feel violates any laws, makes you feel uncomfortable, hate speech, etc.

These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy do not replace any Federal, Local, State or other laws. You may or may not have additional rights, depending on where you live! Please be informed about your rights. 

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