What Is Brand Your Body?

What Is Brand Your Body?

What Is Brand Your Body?

► At Brand Your Body, people can Earn Brand Points For Having their Profile Picture Watermarked/Branded or Wearing a Permanent or Temporary Tattoo. Also for doing various Social Media Activities, Mystery Shopping, Online Shopping and more.

► Advertisers can request users to do the various activities, each "Fulfilled Activity" is rewarded Brand Points!

► Everything is verified, to make sure it was done. 

► Brand Points = Money, Gift Cards & More!

► Advertisers submit a request for you, you Approve or Deny their request.

► If you Approve and fulfill the request, you get awarded Brand Points.

► More you Approve and fulfill, the more Brand Points you can earn!

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FAQ - Brand Points

Brand Points, what are they?

I am missing Brand Points

► We may be confirming or verifying you completed a request. 

If you haven't received your Brand Points within 7 days of completion,
Contact US by clicking here!

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When can I use my Brand Points?


The only requirement is, you have enough Brand Points. 

For instance, requesting money, you'll need 2,000 Brand Points. 

Raffle Entries can be as low as 50 Brand Points.

When Purchasing products you can use your Brand Points towards your purchase!

It varies, however, if you have the required Brand Points you can use them, there is no minimum time you have to wait. 

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FAQ - Benefits


Benefits to People

► Benefit of Brand Your Body is you can make money (Brand Points) you choose what to accept or not accept to do.

► It's Easy. No Fuss. No Hassle.
All You Have to Do Is Fill Out Your Profile To Be Discovered and you'll get Brand Points for it!

► Brand Points can be traded for Money, Gift Cards, Products and more!

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Benefits to Advertisers

► Very Reasonable & Competitive Pricing.

► Browse or Search people by Interests, Gender, Age, Location, Social Media, etc.

► You can also submit a 'Bulk' action - One Time Payment for a Request(s).
Example: I want 50 people Located Anywhere, that like Sports to have a Watermarked/Branded Facebook Profile Page With My Logo

Example: I would like 10 people that lives in (Seattle, Washington) to Visit (Cat Coffee Cafe) Saturday or Sunday between 9am to 11am and purchase a beverage up to $5 ($5 is compensated back to customer.) I want them to evaluate Customer Service, Restroom, Beverage Taste, Wait Time and Ambience.

 ► There will also be an option for people to add more extensive information about themselves & will be awarded Brand Points.
  ► Household size/income/children/pets.
  ► More specific interests and habits.
  ► Medical; Allergies, Ailments, Etc.
  ► Products and Services used.

► You can pay to send us; Polls, Surveys and questions for people.
  ► People will be rewarded Brand Points for completing them and you will be given the results.


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Ways to Earn Brand Points

Ways to Earn Brand Points

Referring a friend

►If you refer a friend and they sign up for an account you'll be rewarded; XX Brand Points for each person!

►They must be real people! Fake accounts will result in Brand Points being deducted from your account. 

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Mystery Shopping

► Mystery Shopping - Amount of Rewarded Brand Points, varies case by case. Some Advertisers may or may not compensate your for a purchase too.

► Mystery Shopping is when you go into a business, shop & review/evaluate it. The reason for Mystery Shopping is no one knows you're reviewing/evaluating the business, it gives owners and managers a sense of "How they're doing."

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Brand/Watermark Profile Picture

► Brand or Watermark your Profile Picture for Brand Points.

Brand or Watermark your Profile Picture on Facebook, Twitter, Dating Profile or other Profile Picture.

Branding or Watermarking is when you submit a new profile picture to us.
We take it and add either, a companies Logo, Website, Coupon Code, etc.
Then we send it back to you, you change your profile/Main Picture to this new Branded Picture.

► You can be rewarded Brand Points for every day you keep your Branded Picture your main profile picture. We will verify everyday it's still your Profile Picture, for this reason all Branded Pictures must be public.

* You'll be rewarded Brand Points per day or a predetermined amount of Time/Days.

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Permanent or Temporary Tattoo

► Permanent Tattoo You'll earn A LOT of Brand Points for being offered and getting a Permanent Tattoo, it varies based on how much a company wants to pay you, where the Tattoo is, etc.

► Temporary Tattoo - You won't earn as much for wearing a Temporary Tattoo, however, you can still earn a lot. It will vary by the company, where, what and how long it stays on your body. In most instances you will be rewarded for every day the Temp Tattoo is still viewable.

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Purchasing Products from our Product Points Page

► Product Points - Brand Points rewarded based on What was Purchased and How Much!

► Be rewarded Brand Points for purchasing anything from our Product Points Page. We verify the sale and then you're awarded Brand Points based on the sale amount.

► There are also opportunities for you to share certain products and earn Brand Points for each sale you refer!

► Click here to browse our Product Points Page! ◄

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